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Wall Blocks

Stonegate® Wall & Cap

Stonegate® combines an elegant weathered stone appearance with almost endless design possibilities. This versatile retaining wall system allows for the easy creation of gravity retaining walls up to 3-feet in height, free-standing walls, and outdoor living elements such as kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, benches, and more.

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STONEGATE® LARGE 10" deep x 16" - 14" wide x 6" high

STONEGATE® MEDIUM 10" deep x 12" - 10" wide x 6" high

STONEGATE® SMALL 10" deep x 6" - 4" wide x 6" high

STONEGATE® CAP 11" deep x 12" - 10" wide x 3" high

Munich Wall Block

Munich Wall is an easy, cost-effective solution for smaller walls and columns. Its weathered appearance offers a natural look and feel, adding texture and depth.

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MUNICH® WALL 8" deep x 12" long x 4" thick


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