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Decorative Landscape Curbing


Decorative Landscape Curbing helps to create a distinctive, well-manicured appearance for the exterior of your home, while adding beauty, functionality and eas of maintenance.

Whether you are looking to highlight your existing flowerbeds and walkways or create an entirely new outdoor space to enjoy, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to create it.

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Colors and Styles

Curbing Colors and Styles

Bullnose Coping

pool coping

Bullnose pavers are a perfect addition to any hardscape project and are most commonly used as the finished edge around pools. They can also be used to highlight an entryway, steps or any application requiring a finished edge.


Remodel Coping

Pool Decks FreshLookOutdoor 5

Remodel Coping can be used for pool coping or step coping to overlay existing hard surfaces.

remodel coping


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 cream  indian summer  old chicago I  pewter
 tan  white pewter  white tan charcoal  white tan
 white  willow    




CityStone Demi

CityStone Demi Pavers

freedom4" x 8" | 8" x 8" | 8" x 12"

CityStone pavers deliver a sleek, modern style and sophistication. CityStone Demi & Supra can be installed as a stand-alone three-piece, or a combined a six-piece, paving system.



new england beauty


6" x 6" | 6" x 9"

Available as a 2-piece set, Union combines square and rectangular-shaped pavers that offer almost unlimited design opportunities.




freedom beauty


4" x 8" 

Freedom offers a simple shape with chamfered edges which can be installed in a variety of patterns to produce utilitarian or decorative pavement designs.



new england beauty


1⁄2"  x  8 7⁄8"  |  8 7⁄8"  x  8 7⁄8"  |  8 7⁄8"  x  13 3⁄8

The Heritage 3-pc combo features an embossed surface with a slate-like appearance. Softened edges create the natural look of weathered flagstone.


Choose A Color


white tan charcoal cream beige charcoal cream orange pewter
gray charcoal white pewter  



Stonegate® Wall & Cap

Stonegate® combines an elegant weathered stone appearance with almost endless design possibilities. This versatile retaining wall system allows for the easy creation of gravity retaining walls up to 3-feet in height, free-standing walls, and outdoor living elements such as kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, benches, and more.

stonegate beauty


STONEGATE® LARGE 10" deep x 16" - 14" wide x 6" high

STONEGATE® MEDIUM 10" deep x 12" - 10" wide x 6" high

STONEGATE® SMALL 10" deep x 6" - 4" wide x 6" high

STONEGATE® CAP 11" deep x 12" - 10" wide x 3" high

Munich Wall Block

Munich Wall is an easy, cost-effective solution for smaller walls and columns. Its weathered appearance offers a natural look and feel, adding texture and depth.

munich beauty


MUNICH® WALL 8" deep x 12" long x 4" thick


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