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Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ's

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Today, it’s difficult to find a single property in and around the Orlando and Central Florida area that doesn’t have some or the other outdoor feature. This just goes to show that outdoor living is now a very popular trend amongst residential property owners. When people want these spaces designed, they look for specialists who will be able to understand their specific requirements and ideas and give them form.
And this is exactly what we at Fresh Look Outdoor do. We have designed and installed some of the most stunning custom outdoor kitchens on properties across the central Florida area.When it comes to the planning and design of these kitchens, we leave no stone unturned and ensure that every single feature and element matches your expectations.
We understand that you want a unique space on your property where you can relax with your family and friends and the outdoor kitchen plans we design for you keep these needs in view. All the materials we use are always of the highest quality and we never falter on our deliverables. We work very consciously within your budget and make sure that the design and styling concepts of the Barbeque Island match those of the rest of the elements.
Outdoor Kitchen Plans

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While some of our clients want elaborate outdoor kitchen layouts with space for multiple counters, a BBQ as well as kitchen appliances like a refrigerator etc, some like to keep it simple and just want a very basic design with a BBQ counter or a stylistic outdoor grill island. Based on how often and how much you are going to use this kitchen, you can choose between a U-shape, L-shape, Parallel or just a single counter.
In many ways, the available space will also be a deciding factor when it comes to the size of the kitchen and the number of counters to be built. Some people also want a bar in their outdoor kitchen and we can build that too.
Outdoor Kitchen Installation - The Work Process

We are very meticulous in our approach to work and handle every little detail of the outdoor kitchens/ BBQs installations, from start to finish, including:
  • Smoothening the available ground space
  • If the kitchen has to be built on a deck, we carefully check the integrity of the structure
  • The materials and finishes to be used
  • The plumbing arrangements
  • Fuel to be used - gas from your home or a propane tank
  • The amount of seating space required
  • Whether the kitchen is open-to-the-air or semi-enclosed
  • The type of appliances
  • Flooring materials
  • Lighting installations
  • Other
As you can see, designing and installing outdoor kitchens involves a number of aspects. If you have some ideas about how you want these spaces to be, we will give them a form; we can also provide unique design ideas for these spaces. Joomla 3.3 Templates